Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Make the Most of Your Space

When planning a kitchen remodeling project, are you making the best use of your space? Small kitchens often lack space for full-sized kitchen cabinets and can feel cramped. Even large kitchens have awkward corners that can create dead space in your kitchen.

Our kitchen designers in Bryn Mawr, PA, have compiled a list of kitchen remodeling tips below. Consider these space-saving tips for a small or awkward kitchen.

Essential Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen Space

Get Creative With Awkward Spaces

Most kitchens have some awkward spaces. Sometimes, the vent hood is too close to the recessed location for the refrigerator, making it difficult to fill the space with a cabinet. Many kitchens have corners with dead zones because of adjacent cabinet doors on the interior angles.

Modern kitchen design finds ways to creatively utilize these hidden or hard-to-reach spaces for increased storage. Some newer solutions include corner drawers or cabinets offering angled access to the space under the corner countertop. Some of these include a lazy Susan function to maximize the space, even at the back where the walls meet.

Other solutions include skinny rolling storage cabinets, such as a pull-out spice rack or pantry storage. These can easily fit in narrow spaces while improving your organization.

Install Hideaway Cabinets on Counters

A cluttered countertop can detract from your kitchen renovations if you have several countertop appliances visible. Your dream kitchen should look like a place where you want to spend your time without worrying about appearances.

Hideaway cabinets are a popular solution to hide countertop appliances like coffee machines, toasters, and stand mixers. Hiding these appliances out of the way when not in use makes your kitchen appear larger and more organized than keeping them out on your counters all the time.

Utilize Organizational Storage

You can get custom cabinetry with several organizational solutions during your kitchen remodeling, including swing-out shelves, lazy Susan spinning racks, pull-out racks, and more. Using organizational storage in dead zones or hiding less commonly used items in your kitchen is an excellent solution for your kitchen project, especially in smaller kitchens.

If you brew a pot of coffee each weekday morning but like using your espresso machine on the weekends, you probably don’t need your espresso machine out on the countertop all the time. Keep it on a roll-out shelf in a lower cabinet until you need to set it up Friday night to enjoy a fresh-ground, smooth cup on Saturday morning.

Use a Rolling Kitchen Island

In smaller kitchens, workspace is in short supply and high demand. Investing in a rolling kitchen island to increase your work area when you’re busy in the kitchen is a great solution. When you finish using it, roll it back into the dining or living room to keep it out of the way. You can use the lower cabinets to store essentials for that room, leaving the top clear for when you need to work.

You may also opt for a rolling kitchen island if you do meal prep on weekends, need the extra space to bake, or like an open kitchen layout when you aren’t using the space.

Create Additional Counterspace

You can invest in hidden workspaces if you don’t have room for a rolling kitchen island. One option is pull-out butcher blocks. These extend with a support slide underneath to provide extra workspace while allowing you to fold or slide them back into their hiding place under the countertop.

Another option is a floating table, which you can mount to the wall and fold down for a convenient, flat work surface. You can also use the floating table to create an eat-in kitchen if you like enjoying your coffee in the kitchen.

Add Mirrored Surfaces To Expand the Space

Mirrors reflect light and make rooms look bigger. Adding mirrored backsplash tiles or hanging decorative mirrors in your kitchen can make your small kitchen look larger than it really is while helping bounce light to dark corners under the cabinets.

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