The Benefits of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

What kind of mirrors and vanity lighting are you planning for your bathroom remodeling project? Are you considering traditional over-mirror lighting or a sleek, futuristic mirror with built-in LED lights? What about a framed mirror with custom backlighting? Our bathroom remodelers here at Hunter Kitchen & Bath in Bryn Mawr, PA, describe some of the benefits of bathroom-lighted mirrors over traditional bathroom lighting below. Keep reading to learn more about current trends in backlit and lighted bathroom mirrors.

What Options Do You Have When Choosing Bathroom Mirrors?

You could always choose a traditional flat mirror and use overhead or side-mounted light bars or sconces. However, with the range of options available to install a pre-lit mirror with LED lights, you can find several choices suitable for your bathroom remodeling project.

Lighted bathroom mirrors come in several shapes, sizes, and lighting options. Some offer backlit options with lights behind the frame of a protruding mirror. If you want the mirror to remain flush with the wall in a smaller bathroom, look for mirror lighting that shines through the mirror.

Some built-in lighting arrays allow you to change color temperatures and brightness or set your bathroom lights on a timer with your smart home controls. Even without smart home features in your bathroom, many mirrors can connect to a dimmer switch or rotate through a color cycle with a remote.

Why You Need a Lighted Mirror for Your Bathroom

Lighted mirrors offer an attractive solution for hidden lighting in a bathroom without detracting from your bathroom’s style. They also offer better views of your face when you’re getting ready for work. Many of these mirrors offer anti-fogging features to prevent steam from fogging the mirror during your shower, LED lighting, which can save you money on your energy bills, locked compartments for your medicine, make-up mirrors, etc.

Looks Great in Any Bathroom

Whether you want a backlit framed mirror in your bathroom or a vanity mirror with lighting built-in on all sides, there’s a style of lighted bathroom mirrors perfect for your dream bathroom. You can also get as technologically advanced as you like, with some mirrors offering smart home connectivity to program or remotely control your bathroom lighting.

Many lighted bathroom mirrors offer different color temperatures and dimming options, ranging from bright white light to do your makeup at the vanity, to warmer tones to complement brushed gold or brass fixtures in your bathroom and to calm and relax you after a long day.

Improved Lighting Where You Need It

When you need a good view of your face to apply makeup, shave, or style your hair, wraparound lighting from a backlit or pre-lit vanity mirror can help you see every detail. True daytime lighting can ensure that you never miss a spot when blending your makeup or trimming your beard or mustache.

Built-In Magnification

Many bathroom mirrors also offer built-in magnification, giving an up-close view without needing a smaller handheld mirror. Tweeze eyebrows, check your box dye coverage and get sharp cat-eye or winged eyeliner in front of your main bathroom mirror.

Anti-Fogging Features

Most lighted bathroom mirrors also come with anti-fogging devices built-in to prevent steam from accumulating on the mirror surface, leaving your mirrors ready to use right after you step out of the shower. When you need to apply product to your hair, your mirror is immediately ready so you can style your hair and apply facial cleansers and moisturizers.

Energy Savings with LED Lighting

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, you can save energy with LED bulbs in your over-mirror lighting. If you want to light your sink and vanity area with just your mirror lighting, pre-lit LED mirrors can provide up to 50,000 hours of use—over ten years of light.

LED lights are extremely energy efficient, and replacing some or all of your bathroom lighting with high-quality LED lighting can save you in costs for replacement bulbs and on your electric bills.

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When planning a bathroom renovation, consider lighted bathroom mirrors for better views when applying makeup, shaving, or styling your hair. Add sophistication to your bathroom design, make getting ready in the morning a breeze, and even add value to your home.

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