Ready to start designing your dream home remodel? Here’s what to expect when hiring Hunter Kitchen & Bath. Contact Hunter Kitchen & Bath

Introductory Phone Conversation

Your new renovation process begins once we have a phone call to discuss the general scope of the project, your dream interior space and your desired timeline. At the end of our first contact, we will have scheduled an initial consultation, reserving a 1-hour time slot in your home with a designer from HKB.

Initial Project Design Consultation Meeting

This meeting is a great time to have a more in-depth discussion and tour the areas of your home that are relevant to the proposed project. Armed with a camera and a tape/laser measure, we will take photos, videos, and measurements of your space, taking specific notice of things like soffits, frequented pathways, the electrical service panel and structural walls. We will ask you a lot of questions to better understand exactly what you want and give you literature from some of our in-house brands.

Budgetary & Guidance

Towards the end of this meeting, your HKB designer will provide you with an estimated range of what your project can cost, depending on the scope of work and quality/finish of materials in which you've shown interest. If this budget is something you can work with, your designer will present you with a Design Retainer Agreement.

Design Retainer Agreement

If you decide to use HKB to start the design, you will sign our design retainer agreement and pay a design retainer, which typically runs between $2000 and $3000, depending on the scope of your project and the size of the room(s). While the design retainer is non- refundable, it will be deducted from the cost of your project.

Pennsylvania Kitchen Designer

Initial Design Review

After your designer receives your signed agreement and design retainer, they will schedule some time to meet with you and our in- house interior designer, in either HKB’s showroom in Bryn Mawr or at a partner’s product showroom.

You and your designer will review the preliminary design for your project, which includes various renderings and an initial set of drawings (layout and elevations) for your installer to review. You will also receive a scope of work, which describes the tasks that will be completed during your project—so there are no questions about which services are (and aren’t) included.

Selections & Continued Design Revisions

At one of the initial design review meetings, you’ll begin selecting cabinetry door style(s) and finish(es) as well as other materials for your project, such as flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures and hardware. Don’t worry - you won’t be locked into these just yet!

At this time, we will revisit the updated project cost workup and compare it to your desired budget to determine if we are on track.

Project Manager & Engineer/Architect Home Visit

Next, your designer, project manager, and possibly our engineer and/or architect will visit your home. During this meeting, they will have the chance to inspect the space(s) relating to your project.
Two important action items will follow this meeting:

  1. You will decide on your final material selections.
  2. Your designer will use these selections to update the drawings and pricing for the project proposal.

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Proposal Review & Approval

Once all selections have been finalized, the engineering and/or architectural workups are complete, the design/layout is complete, and our project manager has submitted the labor workup, your HKB designer will present you with a full set of drawings, a scope of work, a detailed list of product/material selections with pricing and a contract for your approval.
Your full proposal will suggest an estimated start date and detail the payment terms for your project. After you’ve approved the proposal and provided the required deposit, HKB will begin the permit application process through your township (if required), take final measurements of your space (one more time!) and begin ordering your finish and rough materials. It is important to note in this present environment of lengthened manufacturing & delivery delays for many of the product going into renovations, that we will update you on product estimated arrivals as soon as we know them.

Permitting, Planning & Pre-Construction

At some point in time, the permits (if required) will be posted on your
job site by us. As your projected start date nears, your designer and project manager will review how long your project will take to""complete, will finalize the start date with you and answer any questions you might have, like where we will park, which entrance to use, etc. The project manager will review the daily work start and end times with you. Additionally, we will arrange for a dumpster to be delivered to your home before construction begins.

Design & Construction Execution

Once construction on your project begins, expect there to be some noise & disruption of some of your daily routines. For the duration of the construction process, your project manager will be in regular contact with you to provide updates and answer any questions you may have, and your designer will be on site and in touch frequently.
There may be questions we have, or you have, about details that have arisen due to unforeseen job conditions that we will work on immediately. We will also communicate your upcoming payments in advance, per the payment schedule on your proposal.

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Project Wrap-Up

As we near the end of the renovation process, your designer and project manager will meet with you to review the remaining items to complete (called the “Punch List”). When the items on the punch list is complete, we are ready to hand over the finished room(s) for you to enjoy. Now you can show off this beautiful new space to your family, friends and neighbors!


At substantial completion, we will provide a renovation packet for you that includes use and care documents and applicable warranties. Also, your designer will help orient you on using any accessories, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc. that may be new to you.