How to Choose the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Whether you want to replace your kitchen cabinets or change kitchen layouts entirely for your dream kitchen, how do you find the best kitchen remodeling contractor for your kitchen project? Read on as our kitchen remodeling designers and contractors with Hunter Kitchen & Bath in Gladwyne, PA, describe the process every client should know to find the best contractor for their kitchen renovation. Follow these steps to guarantee the best experience when planning a kitchen remodeling project.

1. Do Your Research

To find a local kitchen remodeling contractor, you can first search online for “kitchen remodeling near me.” Create a list of prospective contractors for your project from your search results. Once you have the names of several potential contractors, consider these other important factors: Do you know anyone who has worked with these contractors? What were the results? What is the process for getting estimates from each contractor? Do they have current licensing and insurance? Do they use quality subcontractors? How are their online reviews? Do they respond to unsatisfied customers appropriately? Can you easily find examples of their work online? Do they have a gallery page with before and after photos? Is there any work they won’t do, such as design, plumbing or applying for permits? You can find much information online about any company before picking up a phone. If you find it difficult to locate answers to any of these questions, remove that contractor from your list.

2. Ask for Referrals

Do you love a kitchen remodeling job you’ve seen at a friend’s or neighbor’s house? Ask them who they used. Local realtors are another great resource. If you have any friends or family members who are real estate agents, ask them if they recommend a kitchen remodeling professional to their sellers. As you narrow down your list, you can also ask each contractor for recent references from their client pool. A kitchen remodeling job is a major investment, and a good contractor will have three to five references they can send for you to contact for information about their work. Be sure to ask any references several questions, including: Do you like your home renovation? Did the contractor complete the work in a timely fashion? Did they complete everything within budget? Has the work held up well against regular use since the remodel? Would you recommend the contractor based on the work they did?

3. Get Multiple Estimates

Get estimates from at least three different contractors. If one quote is much higher or lower than the others, you need to find out why. Does the contractor understand the scope of the project? Are they trying to upcharge you for premium materials? Do they only quote for their services and send a separate estimate for subcontractor services? Each estimate should include a timeline, a material-and-costs list, and drawings for framing/walls; tile layouts; plumbing, cabinetry & light fixture placement. You should also find line items for projected permit & delivery costs and any add-on services, as well as procedural information for warranties, claims, disputes, and waivers.

4. Check Licensing and Insurance

Each kitchen remodeling contractor should have their licensing information posted to their website and social media business profiles. If you can’t easily find their information, ask them for their license number and insurance information to ensure that they’re active and that you have protection from work injuries in your home.

5. Read Reviews Online

Online reviews are often honest and difficult for business owners to manipulate. Look at the ratio of good reviews to bad reviews and see if the owner regularly responds to bad reviews to try to resolve customer issues. Bad reviews aren’t necessarily a negative factor. See how the contractor responds to negative reviews and if they attempt to rectify the customer complaint.

6. Read the Contract Carefully Before Signing It

You may go through the entire reviews, referral, and estimate process and think that a contractor is the perfect match, only to find fine print in the contract that makes you want to call off the whole job. Be sure to read any contract or document carefully before signing anything.

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