The Ultimate Guide to Modern Bathroom Design Trends

Luxurious. Spa-like. Inviting. Sleek. These are the descriptors of a modern bathroom design. But turning these descriptors into a full-scale bathroom design can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with current trends or aren’t design savvy. 

If you’re looking to modernize your bathroom, explore the modern bathroom design trends below as inspiration. Then, learn tips to bring your bathroom vision to life. 

Key Elements of Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathrooms aren’t cookie-cutter. They often include unique, eye-catching features that exemplify the homeowner’s or designer’s style. But some elements tend to show up in these designs more than others, such as the following: 

Marble Everywhere

Nothing says “luxury” quite like marble. Marble has been a staple element of exquisite bathrooms for decades, but in the 2020s, it’s having an even bigger moment. 

Modern designers are using marble everywhere in bathrooms. You’ll often see bathrooms with marble throughout the flooring, shower tiles, and vanities. 

Whether you choose to include a hint of marble in a small vanity or completely deck out your bathroom in this glimmering material, you can’t go wrong with including marble in your design. 

Mixed Materials

Modern designers are also adding a hint of artistry to bathrooms through the use of mixed materials. For example, mixing wood with sleek tile creates a stark contrast between warmth and rustic charm and moody, industrial materials. 

If you like the sleek and luxurious feeling of marble but want to add a touch of warmth, consider a rustic wood vanity or even a wood paneling accent wall. 

Architectural Hardware

Modern bathrooms always include modern fixtures. Swapping out old chrome faucets and handles with bronze, gold, or even black ones can instantly elevate the space.

Contemporary fixtures often include sharp edges, matte finishes, and unique shapes that draw the eye throughout the space. Consider bathtub and sink faucets with waterfall-like effects for an even more luxurious feel. 

Moody Color Schemes

Moody is having its moment! While white and bright bathrooms are still the preferred choice for many, more adventurous homeowners are opting for dark and moody bathroom color schemes, complete with jewel tones, painted ceilings, dark wood, and mixed materials. Adding a colorful bathroom rug and vintage wood dresser as the vanity is commonplace in these fun, dramatic bathrooms. 

Minimalist Bathroom Decor 

When you picture a relaxing, modern spa, do you envision walls cluttered with decor? Or do you imagine a more minimalist design?

Modern bathroom designs take after this minimalist trend as well. Instead of cluttering the walls with art or filling the shelves with trinkets, modern designers are letting the high-end materials speak for themselves. Adding a few plants throughout the space or one or two high-end decor pieces is enough to create visual interest without bogging down the design. 

Tips for Achieving a Modern Design You’ll Love 

Now that you have a few design trends in mind, follow these tips to turn them into the bathroom design of your dreams:

Visualize the Space

Begin by closing your eyes and picturing what your finished bathroom will look like. The image in your mind likely won’t have all the details, but it will encapsulate the feeling you’d like to portray and the overall color scheme you enjoy. 

Look For Design Inspiration

Next, begin narrowing down the specific materials, colors, and fixtures you’d like your contemporary bathroom design to include. Spend time searching for bathroom renovation ideas online or in your favorite interior design magazine. Take note of the features you love, which may include:

  • Gold architectural faucets
  • Transparent glass shower doors
  • White subway tile
  • Marble vanities
  • Dark and moody color schemes
  • Luxury bathroom features, like waterfall faucets or towel warmers

Consider Functionality and Features 

A bathroom remodel gives you the perfect opportunity to switch up your layout and improve functionality. If you’ve always hated how small the vanity is, wished for more storage space, or wanted a deeper sink, now is the time to make those improvements.

Before proceeding with your design, consider any problems you’d like to solve with the bathroom’s functionality. Look for space-saving bathroom solutions and other functionality improvements that could take your space to the next level. 

Work With a Skilled Bathroom Remodeling Team 

If you want to achieve the modern bathroom design of your dreams, you’ll need an experienced remodeling crew on your side. Our designers at Hunter Kitchen & Bath, LLC, are well-versed in contemporary design trends, and we’d love to execute them in your space. 

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